Biel/Bienne City

We have few photos that we took while walking in streets of Biel/Bienne city of Switzerland .Such a small but beautiful city. While making photos we were quite surprised because some tourists stop and took some photos of us.
Vilté was wearing a short Navy dress from Zara with gorgeous Zara's necklace, this isquite summer outfit.
Austé it's all about comfy Zaras's outfit! simple black T-shirt from Zara styled with Zara's ripped jeans.
We are quite lovin' Zara at the moment.

Vilté:  Dress: ZARA / Necklace: ZARA

Austé: T-Shirt: ZARA / Jeans: ZARA / Bag: ZARA / Jacket: ZARA Hat: H&M


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