Festival Day

Back on the 15th of July we have been to Live At Sunset festival in Dolder, Zurich. We went to see UK XFactor winner James Arthur.
We were pretty exited to see him live again, so we got up very early and we took the train really early and we went to Zurich to do some shopping as well. After that, we went to the concert place. We got there pretty early about 2pm and the queuing started only at 5pm so we had time to look everything around. When we got inside the festival place we ate and we met some of you guys. The concert started at 7pm it was an incredible concert. James Arthur didn't really change since those past two month when we saw him in Zermatt. He recognized us and waved us from the stage.
After the concert we took the tram and we went to the hotel. When we got there we saw a big van coming to the hotel. It was James with his whole band! He came to say hello, we talked and we took some pictures with him. As I said you already he didn't change, he was still nice with us and talkative.
It was really a cool experience to see him again for the fifth time!

Here are some pics that we got taken at the festival.

If you want to see the pictures that we took with James Arthur and the band check on our Twitter ( Vilté & Austé ) or on IG ( Vilté & Austé ) .

Photo credit to HouseOfMedia

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