Trendy Birkenstocks

You’ve all probably heard by now, that ugly, comfortable, 90s-style shoe trend it’s back again and having a major moment in the fashion industry. Who would of thought this old-school sandal would be on trend again. There’s something about their minimalist design that I just love and above all else, they are practical and comfy.

Those sandals were everywhere where I grew up: all over the streets of neighborhood, at the markets and on the feet of practically everyone who worked in a local cafes. So when Céline, presented her latest collection on models wearing Arizona-style sandals lined with mink, it took me a minute to realize that the most unattractive footwear choices for women have been revamped from fashion don’ts to fashion do’s. And are meant to be worn for every occasion!

This is pretty much the classic way to wear them. Throw on some black jeans and a white shirt and you’re ready to go. It’s a bit normcore, but also a bit, “I’m so cool I make normcore look stylish“

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