Style your sneakers

The moment when you’re in 5 inch teetering down the runway isn’t elegant at all.
So since so many of my days are spent of running around for my school and other activities, a comfortable pair of shoes is key. The trick is understanding how to style your sneakers in a way that screams “chic” not “sloppy.” 
If you have spent your childhood in pair of converse, as me and not feeling changing or simply tired of wearing hight heels - you can still go with your favorite comfy shoes.It’s actually surprising how chic a pair of sneakers can look if you work it right!

Everyone that thinks that sneakers are made only for sport is wrong! It isn’t just for gym anymore, but rather a cool way to poop up your outfit or create that girl-boy look, and looking elegant at the same time. It’s totally on-trend, and look amazing with anything.

My favorite way to combine my sneakers with a simple everyday look, it’s to wear a simply dark grey high neck top and large comfy pants. Large pants are perfect for creating that girl-meets-boy vibe and I’m addicted to it at the moment. I like to stick them with a pair of classic all-white Converse shoes. I’ve been through many pair of sneakers, but the white All-Stars are still my favorite! I don’t even think it matters if they’re a neutral color or not. White and black are clearly great choices.
If your look is more formal, keep it creative by sticking to a monochromatic look. That way the shoes don’t stand out.
And if you’re looking for a way to wear sneakers at the office, try keeping your outfit professional and choosing a pair of simple, sleek shoes that won’t attract too much attention.

Wearing: Pants: ZARA
Sneakers: Converse

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