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Winter means black colors are back again! If your wardrobe is peppered with a lot of dark outfits and you like wearing dark colors during these winter months, as me. Try to add a pop of grey or other color to your everyday outfits.
Wearing a monochrome, all-black, ensemble can be an option but you need to bright it up or accessorize it, because it breaks up your darker pieces and creates contrast. 
Brightening your dark winter wardrobe is easy. Just pick up some choice pieces or even a new bright lipstick, and you can easily brighten up your overall look.

Here are 3 essentials ways to make your outfit stand out from the rest:

1. Add an accessory
When you’re trying to brighten up your black items, you want your look to be as light as possible. So my favorite way and the most budget-friendly it’s to wear accessories. Adding a small accessory can totally change your look. There are millions of pieces of jewelry, all of them can add an unique touch to your everyday look. A lighter necklace will draw attention to your face and will light up your total look. 
You could also wear some bracelets, earrings, bow or even a scarf instead. It’s one of the best way to bright your outfit without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Looking for some bright accessories to make your dark work looks bright and summery?  Check out these B.Shou accessories.

2. Wear a piece of a different color
The beauty of the black outfit is that any color can be worn with it. Most people are scared when they try to add a touch of color to their outfits. That’s why start small with a pastel, grey or bright clutch.  Adding a colorful touch to your look will bright up your all-black look, because it breaks up your darker pieces and creates a contrast. I suggest to throw on a pastel pink coat to your all-black ensemble and you’re ready to go.

There is one thing that you should know when you’re picking a small flashy accessory: sometimes one accessory isn’t enough for your all-black look, so try to your outfit flow by adding some other pieces that complement the focal point of what you are wearing. For example, don’t wear flashy yellow shoes with all black clothes. 

3. Adding some bright makeup
This thing may look a bit simple, but it’s the essential thing. Brightening your makeup is an easy and effective way to add color to your look. Stick to a clean, natural face. Light bronzer, mascara and eyeliner will do the trick. This makes your face look fresh and healthy. To add a little something fun, give yourself a pink or orange lip. This ties the entire look together and makes the effect chic and effortless.

Necklace: B.Shou
Coat: ZARA
Shoes: Catwalk

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