Old photos from Geneva

So I went through my old photos and I've found some beautiful photos near the jet d'eau in Geneva, back in october 2014. I've posted already a serie of those pictures. But as I don't have anything new, i thought I'll share with you my old ones to keep this blog up to date and post some 'sunny' photos, as it's winter and it's very rainy and cold month here in Switzerland.
To be honest, I've totally forgot that I even have those pictures and I don't know how I did to forgot them, because I love them!
Even though that October isn't the hottest month in the year, this day was extremely hot! On my way to Geneva I grabbed my black blazer and I wore it on my shoulders all day. I love wearing jackets on my shoulders, it is very trend and it's perfect for the warm but at the same time a bit a windy day like it was.

- Vilté

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